Who It’s For

  • 6-12 year old girls and boys
  • First-time summer campers
  • Experienced campers wanting to spend even more time at Truett
  • Families with busy schedules

The Heart of the Event

  • To share how much Jesus loves us
  • Provide the thrilling joy of a summer camp experience
  • Provide a smaller staff-to-camper ratio to give younger campers more individual attention
  • Introduce them to the close-knit community at Truett

How to Register

  • Click the link below
  • Create an UltraCamp account or log-in
  • Complete registration and pay a deposit
  • You can call us with any questions!

The first part of being prepared is being informed! 

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.  

When is check-in and pick-up?

Check-in is Monday from 1:00-3:00 PM. Pick-up is Wednesday from 10:15-11:00 AM. There will be more details emailed the week before camp starts.

Who will be the counselors?

The counselors are interviewed, background checked, and undergo a two week training by Truett staff. Counselors are selected based on their maturity, ability to interact with youth, character, and compatibility with Baptist beliefs. The training is designed to allow them to maximize their potential. 

My child has never been to camp before. What can I do to help them prepare?

Camp is a great experience for first time campers. We keep the child active and having fun. There is always something to look forward to next. We encourage all kids to try new activities. Like most camps we do not allow parents to visit during the week. This can be a disruptive distraction and bring out feelings of homesickness. This article by Focus on the Family is a great resource you can use to prepare your child for camp: https://www.focusonthefamily.ca/content/preparing-your-child-for-summer-camp

My child wants to stay in the same cabin as another camper. Are cabin mate requests allowed?

Yes they are! When you register you will be allowed to request up to 2 cabin mates. Those 2 friends should also request your child. No age gaps of greater than 2 years will be honored for the safety and enjoyment of all campers.

What steps are taken to ensure my child's safety?

All staff and volunteers undergo a background check. During staff training counselors will be trained not only in basic first aid, but also to be aware enough to help prevent many incidents. The camp takes safety very seriously and has a certified medical professional on property during summer camp. Staff are trained to facilitate activities and employs American Red Cross certified lifeguards. Also the camp is inspected on an annual basis. Since 2021, the camp has received a 99.5 health and safety rating from the NC Department of Health & Safety.

What should my child bring to camp?

Campers should bring their own bedding (twin sized bunks), toiletries, clothes, and Bible. If they have any medication, whether over the counter or prescription, they must turn those in at check-in in a 1 gallon ziploc bag with the camper’s name clearly labeled. 

Any money for snacks/camp merchandise will be turned at the time of check-in. We will keep track of purchases and return the unspent money, unless you elect to donate the remainder, at the time of check-out.

Can my child be successful at camp if they have a developmental disability?

We love ministering to as many campers as possible. We do have some practical limits due to our facility. Additionally, our staff are not specifically trained in this area. If a child is interested in attending camp, who may require special accommodations, please contact us before registration. We encourage parents to have a conversation with the Summer Camp Coordinator to see if the individual can have a positive experience. 

Are boys and girls Mini-Camps separate?

No, they occur at the same time. Most activities will be done with only members of their cabin, which will consist of only their gender.

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