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Happiness Retreat

Happiness Retreat is a three day/two night camp experience for individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. The camp is sponsored by the Baptist State Convention of NC in partnership with Truett Conference Center & Camp. The retreat is filled with fun classes, activities, recreation times, worship, and a talent show.

Happiness is a blast!

Ways to Get Involved


  • Help us spread to word to potential campers
  • Come with a camper as a chaperone
  • Volunteer to help teach classes and/or crafts
  • Volunteer in the kitchen during the retreat
  • Be a prayer warrior

Contact us by calling the office at 828.389.8828

for more information and to get involved!


Happiness Retreat offers activities that provide all campers a chance to experience the love of Christ.

All who attend will experience a camp of smiles, laughter, joy, and spiritual enrichment.


All retreats are staffed with dedicated Christian leaders from across North Carolina. 

These programs are supported by resources made available by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Special Ministries.

Looking for paper forms?

We understand that sometimes for larger groups paper forms may be easier! Just submit your e-mail below and we will get you all the necessary documents straight to your inbox.

What is the purpose of Western Happiness Retreat?

The Western Happiness Retreat has for nearly 50 years successfully brought together campers of all ages with developmental disabilities. This gives them all the advantages of a great Christian camping experience, but in a package better suited to meet their needs!

What are the accomodations?

Campers, with their chaperones, will stay in bunkhouses. These bunkhouses are all ground level, HVAC, and bathrooms are conveniently located in each bunkhouse. 

If you have any concerns or special requests, please contact us. We may be able to accomodate you!

Will there be medical staff on site?

Chaperones are responsible for the medical care, distribution of medication, and supervision of the campers they attend with. A large number of these chaperones are medical professionals. Local emergency personnel, urgent care, and emergency room are all in very close proximity to camp as well. 

What should I bring?

All campers and chaperones should bring their own bedding, Bible, towels, toiletries, clothing, reusable water bottle, and swimwear if they plan to take advantage of the pool time on Saturday (weather allowing). In addition any extra items helpful for the care of the camper can be brought.

All clothing should be conservative. Swimsuits are to be one piece for the ladies and approximately knee length shorts for the men. 

What do meals look like?

The menu is carefully chosen to be friendly, enjoyable, and easy to consume for campers. 

Is the camp easy to traverse?

Camp has paved paths connecting all major buildings and area of camp. We also have a shuttle trailer that has been set up to assist with travel across camp. The campers greatly enjoy this shuttle service. Finally the schedule is made in such a way to limit travel and keep activities centrally located.


177 Truett Lane

Hayesville NC, 28904


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