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Donate to Give a Life-Changing Week to A Person in Need

Camp changes lives. A week of camp gives us nearly 100 hours to share God’s truth. This kind of time, and the activities we do together, forges an incredible bond and lasting impact on those who come to camp. Around one in eight kids make a significant spiritual decision while at Truett. You can donate today to help us reach even more kids.

The donations will go to a shared pool to meet the needs of campers who demonstrate a genuine financial need. If you know of a specific individual(s) that would benefit from attending camp, but can’t financially afford it, we will be happy to partner with you to explore options that allow them to do so. 

Apply to Receive a Scholarship

We don’t want money to be an obstacle for a child to attend camp. After reaching out to your home church and potential individual sponsors, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship through camp. Our funds are limited, so priority will be given to those who can cover half the scholarship through other means and/or demonstrate the greatest need based on the following factors:

  • Financial Hardship
  • Family situation
  • Reason for applying
  • Why the camper wants to attend Truett

If the interested child has a parent or step-parent who is incarcerated, they are most likely eligible to be part of our Angel Tree Scholarship program. Please click here to find out more about that.

Cost of Camps in NC: $85 Average Cost Per Day

Truett Summer Camps: $45.38 Average Cost Per Day

$39, 460 Median Household Income in Clay County

121 Reported Salvations Since 2019

$723.48 Raised for Scholarships in 2023

Weeks of Camp Available to Scholarships

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