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Our facilities can serve almost any group!

-Beautiful Location
-Excellent Food
-Great Hotel & Bunkhouse Accommodations
-Exciting Recreation
-Friendly Atmosphere
Is there anything else you could need from a venue?


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Visit: 177 Truett Lane Hayesville, NC 28904

3 Easy Ways to Enjoy Truett

Getting away by yourself, or with a group has never been easier! Call us today for more information or a free quote on what your experience could look like!




With experience serving groups of 10-250, we have a flexible range of options to meet your needs!


Step away from your everyday stress and enjoy time with our Creator and others in the beautiful, peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Want to come, but don’t have a group to bring at this time? We have amazing programmed events you can sign up for as individuals or small groups!  Click Here to see our upcoming events!

Lodging and Meeting Spaces

Our facilities can meet your needs! We have meeting spaces, recreation equipment, hotel style and bunkhouse style lodging, dining hall, and beautiful scenery. On our 90 acres you will have plenty of opportunity to bond with other believers and space to meet with God. 



Conference Center

20 Hotel style rooms. Each room has private bathrooms, linens provided, HVAC, and is conveniently located near both the dining hall and the Worship Center. 19 of the rooms have one brand new queen mattress and a full-sized bed. The last remaining room has a single King-sized bed. The lower level of the conference center also features a meeting space.  

Legacy Suite

Want to feel like royalty? You will in this room featuring a single King-sized bed within our Conference Center. Many groups like to use this for their pastor or guest speaker. 

Apartment 2

This apartment is freshly painted, has new mattresses, and features a full-sized residential kitchen, living room, laminate flooring, and two bedrooms. This apartment is located near the center of the camp as well. Great for a small family, couple, or individual.

Apartment 1

This apartment is freshly painted, has a brand new queen sized mattress, and a full-sized residential kitchen, living room, laminate flooring, and one bedroom. Great for couples or individuals.


Bunk Style Housing

Our bunk style housing is perfect for families and larger groups. These bunkhouses are conveniently clustered together, carpeted, have HVAC, and two private, attached bathrooms. 4 of our rooms have 12 beds. The other 8 have 16 beds each, for a total capacity of 176. 

Dining Hall

Featuring the best view on our property, you’ll enjoy meals in the newest building on our property. The cozy atmosphere facilitates bonding over our excellent food, which now includes a full salad bar!


This is a great place for basketball, glow in the dark dodgeball, a rainy day space, and much more! 

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