About Warrior Weekend

Our Father & Son is a phenomenal event for 6-12-year-old boys and their father (or a similar figure in their life). The event features a Friday night island campout, outdoor recreation, and Biblical instruction for fathers to fight for their sons and for sons to pursue righteousness.

There is an option to come for three days or two days. The three-day option includes the Friday night campout.  The two-day option begins Saturday morning. Both options conclude on Sunday morning. 

All meals, activities, lodging, and program fees are included in the price. 

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“The campout was great. I loved that my son and I got to make slingshots and use them throughout the whole weekend.”

-2022 Father

“I wish the event was a whole week!”

-2022 Son


“Great place to spend time with my son. Activities were great and had a spiritual message.”

-2019 Father

“The time spent with my son teaching and learning alongside him was great seeing the positive effects.”

-2022 Father



“Awesome outdoor time incorporating God’s Word.”

-2020 Father

“I got saved! Also, I loved learning how to do all the things. Archery was my favorite.”

-2022 Son


Truett is located outside Hayesville, NC, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Truett is an incredible 90 acres of God’s Creation. It’s conveniently located within a two-hour drive of several large cities (Atlanta, Asheville, Chattanooga, Greenville, and Knoxville).

How to Register

When registration opens in March, simply follow our easy online registration process. You can call our camp office if you run into any issues or wish to reserve for a large number of people from your church! 

The first part of being prepared is being informed! 

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.  

How long is the event?

We have a three-day and two-day option. We recommend the three-day option, as this includes the highlight of the weekend, camping out on an island!  Space is limited for this activity. The three-day option begins on Friday afternoon, and the two-day option begins on Saturday morning. Both options conclude mid-to-late Sunday morning. 

What are the accommodations like?

Those coming Friday night will camp out on an island. We will provide tarps if you don’t have your own tent/hammocks (as we canoe/kayak out to the island any gear you bring must fit in a large trash bag), and you provide the sleeping bag. We’ll teach you how to make your shelter and everything else involved in spending the night in the woods. The hearty among you can choose to camp out Saturday night as well, on the camp property this time.

We have excellent bunkhouses with two private bathrooms per bunkhouse, mini-split HVAC units, thick inner-spring mattresses, carpet, and tiled bathrooms. The rooms have 12-16 beds.


What steps are taken to ensure safety?

All staff and volunteers undergo a background check. During staff training, counselors are trained in basic first aid and situational awareness to prevent incidents. The camp has volunteer medical professionals who manage medication and camper wellness.  Staff are trained to facilitate recreation. Any water activities are supervised by American Red Cross-certified lifeguards. Also, the camp is inspected on an annual basis. Since 2020 Truett has received a 100 health and safety rating from the NC Department of Health & Safety.

What should we bring to camp?

Bedding (twin-sized bunks), toiletries, clothes, Bible, a pocket or small sheath knife, flashlight/headlamp, and reusable water bottle.

Any medications must be kept secured by the father. We highly recommend bringing two pairs of shoes, a reusable water bottle, sunscreen, and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

For the campout, we recommend footwear suitable for hiking, a headlamp/flashlight, a sleeping bag, a knife, swimwear, a towel, and a small bag with a change of clothes (including socks and extra layers of clothing).

Can people with a developmental disability be successful at camp?

Our heart is to minister to as many people as possible, but we do have realistic limits to our facilities. If a person is interested in attending camp, who may require special accommodations, please contact us. We welcome a conversation to see if you can have a positive experience.

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