George W. Truett was born on the location Truett Conference Center & Camp operates. We are blessed to have the beautiful property and connection to Truett. 

The following sermons were shared with us by Baylor University. To experience even more, visit their digital collection here.

Listen to George W. Truett’s Sermons Below

The six sermons below were delivered by George W. Truett during 1941-1943, while he was pastor of First Baptist Dallas.

I Am Ready (Acts 9)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

Dr. Truett shares from Acts 9, in which Saul is encountered by Jesus on his road to Damascus. George W. Truett encourages all of us to respond as Paul did, to boldly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Paul shows, we are to be ready to be of service to the Lord wherever, however, and no matter the cost. We should be willing to endure any sort of toils, labors, and difficulties for the sake of the dynamic, transforming Gospel that turned a vengeful Saul into a faithful Paul.

It is Expedient for You that I Go Away (John 16)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

Dr. Truett shares from John 16, in which Jesus warns His disciples that He is going away, but that He will send them the Helper. George W. Truett marvels that we have something even better than Jesus walking alongside us. Every believer has ready access at all times to the Holy Spirit who empowers us to do His work.

Go and Do Thou Likewise (Luke 10:37)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

Building off the parable of the Good Samaritan, Dr. Truett exhorts his congregation to see and respond to the needs of those around them. He encourages us all to become champions of the unfortunate, that to act of sympathy is a crucial Christian characteristic.

Go Bravely On-I Will not Fail Thee (Joshua 1)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

Joshua faces the enormous task of leading Israel into the Promised Land following the passing of Moses. The Lord encourages Joshua to be brave because He will be with him. This promise is applicable for us and we can capitalize on it by giving God primacy in our lives no matter what He has called us to do. We can bravely put our hands to the work before us and trust in Christ for victory. 

Winning Souls for Christ (Proverbs 11:30)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

Dr. Truett encourages us all to share the Gospel with a sense of urgency, for a wise man is alert to the eternal condition of the souls of those around him and swift to act. This message was delivered at a time when many in his congregation were sending, or about to send, their young men into WWII service.

Christ's Standard for Real Greatness (Matthew 20)

by George W. Truett | Sermon Series

With many schools in the area having recently held graduations, Dr. Truett takes the opoprtunity to encourage us all to prepare to live a life of greatness. As Christians, this standard is achieved through service, which George W. Truett defines as “doing good to all the people you can in all the ways you can for as long as you can.”

“To know the will of God is the greatest knowledge! To do the will of God is the greatest achievement!” 

-George W. Truett-

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