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Discover what makes Truett Girls Summer Camp (ages 7-17) one of our most popular camps. During this camp young women will build friendships, enjoy many new activities, and let go of burdens to pursue a full relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Summer Camp, by its very nature, is great at strengthening friendships and forming new ones. Girls will laugh, play, talk, and encourage one another throughout the week. Their bonds of friendship will be incredible. 

Girls will have many opportunities to practice being fearless with a great number of activities. These include ziplining, Ga Ga ball, air rifles, kayaking, mountain biking and more! They will a ton of fun while growing in their self-confidence. 

Girls will learn about the truth in God’s Word through a guest speaker, conversations with their counselors, and through intentional programming. They will know that God created them to do great things. That He is their source of strength and protection. That Jesus is our Savior and the source of truth. 

JOHN 14:6
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

$215 per person

AGES 7-17

Come experience one of our most popular camps, Truett Girls Camp. Each summer we have a fantastic experience featuring strong community, great recreation, and God’s Truth.




Without the pressure of a co-ed setting girls will have the freedom to pursue their Creator. He will be the focus of their week and they will receive many opportunities to draw closer to Him than ever before.


Girls will feel God’s love throughout the camp, knowing they are uniquely made for a reason and great purpose. Our girls will dive into God’s Word and find their worth and confidence in Him!


Truett girls will experience the joys of friendships founded on Biblical truths. Through recreation and Bible study, campers will learn how to encourage and love one another as Jesus loves them.

Amazing Recreation

Truett Summer Camps now has more recreation than ever before! This means more fun, opportunities, and adventure. Girls will grow in self-confidence while making memories. With new things to do each summer, there’s always a reason to come back next summer.

***Some activities are age restricted and limited in space.***


Learn how to safely handle our Genesis compound bows. This is an incredibly satisfying activity for campers of any skill level as improvement often happens quickly and is easily visible.


Also known as Octoball, this game has swept across the nation at schools and camps over the past decade. It’s a mixture between four square and dodgeball played inside a three foot tall octagon. May the best camper win!


Gun safety is heavily emphasized as campers learn target shooting with equipment well suited to their ages. Younger campers will use BB guns while teens get their hands on pellet rifles.



One of our most popular activities! We have two parallel ziplines at 300′ long, and campers get to enjoy every foot of that as they fly through the air while securely hooked in by our trained staff.


This activity gives campers a chance to show off their God-given artistic abilities. It is also a great opportunity for fellowship as they work on projects together. 




Summer is the perfect time to have fun with water! There will be nearly daily opportunities to splash and play. We have an excellent swimming pool, slip-n-slide, and many of our field games may involve water activities as well.


Kayakers will learn the proper techniques and safety practices through fun and challenging games that encourage individual skill development.




Campers will gather together for large group games on the athletic field or throughout the camp property. These games will challenge them to work together, overcome, and teach other valuable lessons during a fun game.

The first part of being prepared is being informed! 

Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.  

When is check-in and pick-up?

Check-in is Monday from 1:00-3:00 PM. Pick-up is Friday from 10:30-11:30 AM.  Both processes are drive through. 

Who will be the counselors?

The counselors are interviewed, background checked, and undergo a two week training by Truett staff. Counselors are selected based on their maturity, ability to interact with youth, character, and compatibility with Baptist beliefs.

My child has never been to camp before. What can I do to help them prepare?

Camp is a great experience for first time campers. A few quick tips: 1. Encourage them to be open to trying new food, activities, and more. 2. Sign up with a friend! 3. Help them build their self-confidence and independence in the weeks leading up to camp.

Truett, like most camps, discourage parents from visiting during the week. This can be a disruptive distraction and heightens any feelings of homesickness. This article by Focus on the Family is a great resource as well:

My child wants to stay in the same cabin as another camper. Are cabin mate requests allowed?

Yes they are! When you register you will be allowed to request up to 2 cabin mates. Those 2 friends should also request your child. No age gaps of greater than 2 years will be honored for the safety and enjoyment of all campers.

What steps are taken to ensure my child's safety?

All staff and volunteers undergo a background check. During staff training counselors will be trained not only in basic first aid, but also to be aware enough to help prevent many incidents. The camp takes safety very seriously and endeavors to have a certified medical professional on property every week of summer camp. Staff are trained to facilitate activities and employs American Red Cross certified lifeguards. Also the camp is inspected on an annual basis. In 2019 the camp received a 99.5 health and safety rating from the NC Department of Health & Safety.

What should my child bring to camp?

Campers should bring their own bedding (twin sized bunks), toiletries, clothes, and Bible. If they have any medication, whether over the counter or prescription, they need to fill out a medication form, bring all medication in original containers in a 1 gallon ziploc bag with the camper’s name clearly labeled, and turn them in to the camp nurse at check-in. We will have some common medications on hand at camp the nurse can administer based on standing orders from a doctor.

One thing the camper doesn’t need to bring at all is money! As part of the price of the camp the camper will be provided with two snacks each full day of camp. 

Click anywhere on this answer for a full list!

Can my child be successful at camp if they have a developmental disability?

Some camps specialize in serving campers with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately we are not one of them. Our staff are not specifically trained in this area. The steep terrain on the camp property can also be difficult to navigate. If a child is interested in attending camp, who may require special accommodations, please contact us before registration. We strongly encourage parents to have a conversation with the Summer Camp Coordinator to see if the individual can have a positive experience. 

2023 Girls Camp: June 12-16

$215 per Person


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