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God has blessed Truett Conference Center & Camp with incredible volunteers and workers. Here are some of the key members and how to contact them!



Kenny Adcock

EXT 5904

Kenny arrived at Truett in August 2018 as Director. With previous experience at Caraway Conference Center & Camp, along with starting and operating his own camp, Kenny brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Truett. Under his leadership Truett has renovated several buildings, added over a dozen new programmed events, expanded its staff, and incorporated several new recreation options. Kenny is passionate about getting out in God’s Creation and investing in the younger generations.

Phillip Yarborough

Summer Camp & RISE Intern Coordinator
EXT 5903

Phillip began working at Truett Conference Center & Camp in September 2021. He brings several summers worth of camp experience and had most recently served as an Associate Pastor at a Baptist church in North Carolina. With his combination of experience, passion for adventure in the outdoors, and ministry Phillip is prepared to take Truett’s summer camps and internship program to the next level.

In his free time Phillip is always looking for the next adventure in God’s great outdoors along with his wife and daughter.


Operations & Special Programs Coordinator
EXT 5902

Matt and his family joined the Truett team in January 2019. As Operations & Special Programs Coordinator he enjoys helping guests have a memorable experience. But more importantly, he loves seeing people of all ages grow closer to God. In his free time Matt enjoys writing novels, woodworking, talking about Tolkien, and hiking. 

Matt and his wife Julie have been married since 2012, where they met while serving at the same camp in Florida. She is a gifted worship leader. Together they feel blessed God brought their family to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Blake Hughes

Facilities & Grounds Manager

Blake was born and raised in nearby Blairesville, Georgia and grew up in the church at  New Union Baptist Church. Blake served for nearly a year as an intern. During that time he showed a strong initiative and work ethic, particularly with tasks involved with improving the camp and maintaining it. He’s excited to join the team as of August 2022 as the Facilities & Grounds Manager. He loves being involved in the outreach and ministry of Truett. With a diverse set of skills he’s a great addition to the team. 

Blake loves spending time in God’s great outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, or working. He’s always up for making new friends, so make sure to say hi to him the next time you visit Truett. 


Our RISE Leadership Program is an 11 month program designed to give young men and women the opportunity to grow in their faith and have hands-on experience with ministry.
The program normally starts mid-September. We encourage applications during the spring and summer.

Kenzie Hall

RISE Leader

Kenzie Hall was born and raised in Troutman, NC where she was an active member at Troutman Baptist Church. Kenzie’s passions include going on mission trips, working with her dad, and spending time in the great outdoors. She greatly enjoys being with family and friends.

Kenzie is excited for the RISE Leadership Program because of the opportunity it offers her to be even more involved in ministry. Her heart for service, passion for the Lord, and versatile skill set make her a welcome addition to the team.


NOah Autry

RISE Leader

Noah was born and raised in North Carolina. At an early age his heart was led to a deeper love of both camp and the Lord through attending Caraway Conference Center & Camps. Recently he served on summer staff at a Christian camp in North Carolina. 

Noah is eager to both to share what he has learned while also learning from this experience. He is looking forward to the RISE Leadership program deepening his faith, experience and skillset in Christian camping. He views his time at Truett as an important step in answering a calling by the Lord into full-time camp ministry. 

In Noah’s free time he loves to fish, read, and enjoys archery and paintball.  


Volunteers play a critical role in our camp’s operation. Their invaluable service is a great witness in and of itself. Our primary needs include kitchen, maintenance, ground, and medical, especially during the summer. But whatever your skills, we can utilize your heart to serve the Lord.

Summer Staff

Summer is primetime for camps, and Truett is no different. Approximately 1,000 people will come to camp during this short two month window. Our summer staff play a crucial role in ministering to campers, serving guests, and helping camp operate smoothly. Being part of our summer staff is a tremendous opportunity to grow as a leader, employee, and Christian.

RISE Leadership Program

At Truett we are always investing in the next generation. This includes young adults considering a career in Christian camping. The Real Internship and Spiritual Experience gives rising leaders genuine and valuable experience. The nearly year long program lets them experience all aspects of the camp industry and gives them a leadership role during the summer season which they get to help plan!

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