Truett has some great recreation options to help your group have fun, make memories, and enjoy the great outdoors. 



Paid Recreation Options
(By Hour)


The following activities are led by great, trained staff. It includes all equipment, instruction, and your group can enjoy these activities together!

Pool, Zipline, Archery, Air Rifles, BB Pistols, Paddling Sports, Bazooka Archery, Fishing, Tomahawk Throwing, Teambuilding, Staff Led Games




Our pool is open most years from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It’s one of our most popular activities. Jump in and cool off while having a blast with up to 50 people in a large, family friendly pool. We also have chairs on the deck for those that want to soak up some Vitamin D without getting in the pool.  


Our 300′ zipline is another favorite for both rental groups and summer camp. It features two parallel ziplines so friends can race each other or take turns! Truett staff are trained to ensure the safety of all participants. 


Truett has brought back this classic camp activity, but with modern equipment. Our Genesis compound bows will fit nearly any archer and allow them to get on target quickly. This is the same bow used in the National Archery in the School Program. Our archery range is set in the woods and can accommodate up to 20 people at one time.

Air Rifles

Our new shooting range has a pavilion for more comfortable shooting year round. With a mixture of pellet rifles and bb guns, participants will love this activity. With eight shooting stations, we can handle a fairly large number per hour.

BB Pistols

These high quality pistols look and function exactly like the classic 1911 pistols, without the kick or loud noise. Instead it shoots BBs powered by CO2 catridges. These make for a great introduction to pistol shooting for our guests. This activity is reserved for teens and can take up to a dozen people at a time.

Paddling Sports

A pond located on our camp opens the door for many great recreation options. Choose from sit-on-top kayaks, canoes, Stand Up Paddleboards or combine them. All participants will wear PFDs, making it a great activity for beginners and experienced people of all ages.

Bazooka Archery

“Bazooka archery?” guests say when they first hear of this activity. “What is that?” Well, in short, it’s a lot of fun. Specially designed bows shoot 2″ soft foam balls. From there, we can play a variety of dodgeball like games. When guests are done, they say, “Bazooka archery!”


Truett is a great place to refresh your soul. Fishing is an excellent way to accomplish this. Enjoy some peace at our pond, until the exciting moment the fish strikes. Truett has all the gear you need, and the staff to help.

Tomahawk Throwing

Tomahawk throwing has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s incredible satisfying to throw it and see it stick square in our wooden targets. A great choice for teens and up.

Paid Recreation Options
(Charged Per Person)


The following activities are led by great, trained staff. It includes all equipment, instruction, and your group can enjoy these activities together!

Paintball, Mountain Biking, Skeet Shooting




A favorite activity of teens and up. Up to 18 people can play a variety of games. When following our staff’s instructions, it’s also a very safe activity. Make this part of your next event with us and you’ll be talking about the fun you had for weeks.

Mountain Biking

Our staff can lead you on an exciting adventure on some nearby mountain biking trails. We’ll provide the bikes and the helmets, you provide the pedal power!

Skeet Shooting

If you’ve never felt the satisfaction of a well placed shot dusting a clay pigeon, you’re in for a treat. Truett will provide the shotguns, ammo, safety equipment, and clay pigeons. After a safety briefing, one person at a time will take aim. This activity is for 18 and older only.

OPen activity Options
(no Charge)


These activities are generally available for all groups during their stay. It’s a great way to fill in the gaps in your schedule for fun with a few friends or the whole group. 

Putt-Putt, Game Room (Ping-Pong, Circle Pong, Carpetball), Tetherball, Ga Ga Ball, Swings, Teeter-Totters, Hiking, Basketball, 4 Square, Volleyball, and Soccer. Also you can get creative and play games on our athletic field or in the woods.



Putt Putt

We have a nine hole putt putt course with the putters and golf balls conveniently located close by. 

Ping Pong

We have both the traditional ping pong table and 2 new circle pong tables. Circle pong is played the same as 4 square. Play well and see how long you can hold on to the King spot.


Carpetball is an extremely popular and simple game. Play against a friend as you take turns rolling the cue ball back and forth, trying to knock your opponent’s pool balls off the table. Once you succeed, the other player has a chance to tie it up and send it into overtime. Normally there is a line of people ready to challenge the winner.

Ga ga Ball

Ga Ga Ball, or Octoball, is a cross between four square and dodgeball. If the ball hits you knee and below you are out of that round. The ball must be hit and not thrown. It’s a great activity for 4-40 people to enjoy at a time. 


We have a variety of traditional sports as well, including; basketball, volleyball, and soccer. We also have an open field with room for football, ultimate frisbee, kickball, and much more.

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